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There are no requirements! For the pre-auction, all you need to do is either sign up for a Topwells account or bid on our items from another website such as LiveAuctioneers or 51BidLive. As for the live auction, please refer to question 8.

To consign with Topwells, you can either call us, email us, or schedule an on-site appointment.

If you require more detailed images, such as images in natural light or UV condition checks, please email us at or message us directly on the bidding site.

First, we will research previous sales of the same or similar items to determine the price range. Next, our team of specialists will strive to accurately determine the price of your piece by considering its personal characteristics.

There are two circumstances where a bid cancellation is valid. The first is if the auctioneer rules your bid cancellation as valid. The second is if there were certain technical difficulties, such as connectivity issues or faulty items.

First, we will register your item into our inventory, including a detailed description and premium images. We will also record the age and quality/condition of the item. Next, our specialists will determine the price of your item and register it for our next auction. Finally, after the auction, we will pay you for your item.

The buyer’s premium applies only to the buyer or bidder, not the consignor. Our buyer’s premium rate ranges from 23% to 28%, depending on the item sold.

Every month, we hold a live sale. You can participate by bidding on our website (or the other websites mentioned in question 1) on the day of the live sale. Alternatively, you can attend the live sale on-site by registering on the day. We will provide you with a paddle number for traditional auctioning.

Have more questions? Send it to or message us from the text box below and we will respond as soon as possible!

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